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From a 4 year-old...

By Cindy Champnella

When the child came to me, I was whole and she was broken. Or so I thought. If I had only known then that in the process of her becoming whole, of her reconciling her past with her new life, that the veneer of my life, my assumptions, the things I had formerly believed to be true, would be stripped away...

I can now say, five years later, she has become whole or maybe as whole as she will ever be. Her teachers tell me with a mixture of pride and wonder that she blends invisibly in any group of children that she is in and that no outside observer would ever sense where she had been or what she had been through. I credit her with this. If sheer force of will can be used to put back together the pieces of a shattered life, she had this in spades. If you can make yourself love and trust and believe again, when absolutely nothing in your previous life gives you any reason to think that your heart will not be once more trampled, she succeeded in doing so. If you can embrace a foreigner, one whose very countenance makes you recoil, and claim her as your mother by willing yourself to do so, she did. I am humbled by her strength; thank goodness one of us possessed.


The materials for this course have been reprinted with permission from the book Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox Building Connections, edited by Jean MacLeod and Sheena Macrae Copyright 2006 EMK Press, all rights reserved. The complete 520 page book covering all aspects of becoming and being an adoptive family is available at Amazon.com.


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